Dark Horse

Dark Horse

Dark Horse

When I first got my off-camera flashes, I experimented, taking pictures of flowers and insects, before trying it with portraits.

I liked the dramatic effect of being able to create dark backgrounds even in bright sun, and wanted to try it with a larger subject.  For about a week I thought about taking the picture you see above – not really knowing if I could pull it off… I wanted clouds in the sky… so I waited through days of clear-blue and overcast skies until I stepped out at lunch and saw the sky I was looking for – then went for it.   The picture you see above is the result.

I used two flashes set on tripods to add extra light to the horse & create shadows to emphasize texture of the sculpture.  Even with a small aperture, I knew the scene would be too bright, so I added a 3-stop ND filter to further darken the overall image.  Finishing touches were put on the image using the Snapseed app on my phone.

I typically don’t like showing a ‘before’ photo without any edits. But will this time, just to show how the image appeared out of camera (even with bright sun) and the work the flashes did in lighting the sculpture.


f/20 1/50sec 16mm ISO100

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