At the beginning  of the year, I started a personal photo-a-day project.  There are 366 days in 2016, it being a leap year, so I’m calling it Project366.  Also called a “365 Project”  these are nothing new, and I’m not sure how far back projects like this go; but the first I recall was a few years back when a photographer named Lisa Bettany was encouraging people to participate in one.  (If you’ve ever used the Camera+ app on iPhone, she helped co-found it.)  She even had a slick website in 2011 called Mostly365 where people could participate in a group 365 project by including a special hashtag in their social media posts.  Check out her description of it in the link to her blog (MostlyLisa), above.  I tried to keep with that for awhile, but never was consistent.

The concept of the project is simple… and anyone can start one… you could start any time of year.  It’s ‘simply’ to take a picture every day for a year.  I’m an amateur photographer who has been trying to learn and improve since getting my first point and shoot digital camera in 2000.  However, looking at my catalog, I’ve realized that over the years  I’ve gone long periods of time without taking ANY pictures – good or bad. Yet the best way to improve is to get out there and do it regularly… try new things.  More than a few times the hang up had been thinking that my gear wasn’t good enough; but really you only get better with practice, and while gear helps, a good picture is more than just a good camera. Is a good dinner due to having the best pots and pans? Or did the cook develop their skills over time?

So, here’s the thing.  I went into this knowing that these wouldn’t all be my BEST pictures.  I’m half-way through at the time of writing this, and I can tell you… certain days I took a picture simply to take one before the clock ticked over to the next day.  Sometimes it turned out, sometimes… meh.  In any case, I invite you to take a look at my Project366 gallery in the Menu-bar or here: Project366.

The benefit for me so far is that I find myself being more aware of what is around me, keeping an eye open for subjects to photograph, I’ve set up shoots of my own on a workbench, and have experimented with different techniques.

I plan to pick some of my favorites and write quick blog posts about them on this site… I leave you now with my first Project366 image from January 1st 2016, Experimentation.

It’s a drop of green food coloring in a small dish of water. I actually used the cloud here in creating a later 366 image.  I plan to eventually revisit this general idea in some future pictures… as each plume is unique and organic.





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