Splashdown – Project366 Photo



This is one of my Project366 images. Here, I was trying to capture the splash of a drop of water in a glass.

This was my first attempt at doing this, so I wasn’t using anything elaborate like a motion sensor or drip timer.  I set my camera on a tripod & manually focused on the area where the splash would occur.  I put the glass on top of an iPad with a blue image on the screen.  The red is from my flash off to the side with a gel on it.

I then slowly poured water from a cup into the glass with my left hand, and tried to time the camera press. It took awhile to get anything and you can see the red splash droplets in the background on the iPad cover, as I was making a mess.

I like how the turbulent water captures the blue from the screen below it while the red flash provides some sparkle through the water and contrast in the background.

Though I think next time I try something like this I’ll use an eye dropper… the iPad survived the light splashing but I think I could have done without the mess.




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