I hadn’t really intended to go out and shoot the moon the evening of November 13th; but with everyone talking about the “supermoon” and wondering how to take a picture of it, I decided to take a shot myself.

One key to shooting the moon is to include something else in the shot. For me it was a building right up the street. But it could be anything: trees, skyscrapers, even clouds can help add to the image.

Next, use the longest zoom lens you have. Even with the Supermoon, it’s disc is still a small percentage of your field of view. I don’t have a particularly long zoom, I shot this at 210mm I think.

The brightness of the moon can trick your camera… Most of the sky will be dark and the camera may try to meter for that… Which usually will result in a blown out moon with no surface details. One way around this is to bracket your shots, or take both a light and dark exposure, then combine them in a photo editor.  For my shot, I switched to manual and exposed for the moon hoping the moonshine was bright enough to silhouette the nearby building.  Finally, doing the editing on my phone, I slightly boosted the contrast and detail of the moon face, and brightened image enough to get the silhouette to pop out from the background.

The shot isn’t the best, and with planning could have turned out better. But now I have a documented memory of the Supermoon of 2016!


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