Hi,  welcome to this page.  This is one of my first attempts at creating a personal website. My name is David Cakalic, and I am an amateur photographer.

I wanted something more personal than what the photo sharing sites I’ve come across have to offer.  Don’t get me wrong… I like and use several of them, and they are indispensable.  While clearly traffic will be greater at the popular sites, I’m hoping this will give me more control in a few areas – as I can’t find a single one that lets me have:

  • An attractive layout.
  • A place to share images to a select limited audience. (For example, being able to password protect galleries.)
  • Better quality images, as many sites (including Facebook) reduce the quality of uploaded pictures.
  • Not part of a social network. This way any friends and family who aren’t part of any might still be able to easily view and enjoy the images.

This is a work in progress… we shall see how it goes.  The customization I have on a free site like this is limited, and eventually I may move up and get my own domain and actual hosted site.  One thing I can’t do currently which I’d like is quickly publish Lightroom galleries using the Web Module.

So as I enter into this, be aware that things may change – or not.  And don’t be surprised if certain elements are broken or aren’t displaying their best.  Much like with my photography, I’m learning, and hopefully will improve over time!  😉


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